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Advanceis, Keeping The Engines Spinning 

Commodities (Crude Oil/AU-Gold Bullion) and FX Trading services subject to status,as well as any other viable commodity deal or projects of significant size, value and relevance are welcomed by our teams. Our Commodities and financial partners have asked us at Advanceis to facilitate and forward on clients, on a consultancy basis, in regards to the referral of eligible, vetted companies by Advanceis to said partners. Please contact us for more information. 

We are all well aware of the unforgivable, devastating damage that has been caused by careless cavalier corporations who put profit before anything else, rest assured that will never be the case in our concern, Its far better all-round having someone with a conscience and moral compass in the oil and fuels industries than someone without.

As a corporation with so many people depending on us and our products and services, we never forget our responsibly to the world we all live in, we make sure we take every possible precaution to leave a beautiful healthy planet earth to our children and to their children and so on.

The vision and ultimate aspirations and expectations of our JV companies are now firmly in reach with this new incorporation and partnership, helping the people of the world get safely from A to B, from our state of the art safe and efficient airports, roads and rails, to our quality oils that keep the engines spinning. 

We are always looking towards clean energy as it is our future and we welcome all and any ideas, just looking at our company profile, you will see that we are always open to new "out-of-the-box" thinking, technologies and ventures. If this is something you wish to approach us about please hit “contact us” and email us your contact details.
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