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new ceo, new md, new head office
Advance IS, to blog or not to blog


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Advanceis on Twitter

i would like to start with a Big thank you to all the nice messages and positive feedback we have been receiving for some time now on our twitter account over the past few months.
@advanceis has had the opportunity to meet some exceptional people and companies, its has given us new partnerships, projects and friends all over the world, exchanges that wouldn't have been very likely without the twitter platform and as we have thousands of thoughts and ideas streaming down the screen every few minutes, it may not always be possible to reply to everything sent to us, but it is appreciated.

new ceo, new md, new head office

Soon, the location of our company Head office will be changing to New and more prestigious London offices, the address will be announced here, along with the naming of AdvanceIS new and distinguished Managing Director.. as the former MD takes over as CEO, much speculation as to who will be taking over the driving seat.. watch this space.

Advance IS, to blog or not to blog

Advance IS, The One Stop Shop For All Things Airport, All Things Industry, And All Things Automated.Designers, Manufacturers And Suppliers Of All-Purpose Industrial Conveyors, Automated Baggage Handling, And Everything Else Any International Airport Could Ever Want Or Need.. and coming soon, AIS will be blogging. 
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